Balistix Pro Powder Trickler


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Introducing the all new exciting and affordable Balistix Pro Powder Trickler

What is powder trickling?

Powder trickling is the slow and controlled release of small volumes of powder onto the reloading scale pan.

Why use a Powder Tricker?

For reloaders that are not using automated electronic bulk dispensers then need is still there to use manual scales and bulk powder dispensers.  These reloaders will require a powder trickler to do the final and accurate powder dispensing to achieve the desired load.

This basically achieved to dropping the powder kernel by kernel into the loading pan.

Tricking by default is aiding in more accurate loads.

Why the Balistix Pro Powder Trickler?

The Balistix Pro Powder Trickler was developed to address a few common issues, concerns and limitations that most reloaders have experienced with other similar products on the market, namely:

    1. Affordable.
    2. No compromise on built quality.
    3. Solid durable aluminium body.
    4. Ease of use and setup, with no tools required.
    5. Very compact – ease of storage
    6. The heavy design promotes stability during use.
    7. By adjusting the angle at which the unit sits, the discharge rate from the tube can be increased and decreased.
    8. Made in South Africa.


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