Balistix Pro Stuck Case Remover


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Introducing the all new exciting and affordable Balistix Pro Stuck Case Remover

What is a Stuck Case Remover?

A Stuck Case Remover is used to remove a brass case that has become stuck in a reloading die.

Why use a Stuck Case Remover?

In the event that a case becomes stuck inside a reloading die, a stuck case remover allows a reloader to extract the stuck case from the reloading die without damage to the die.

Why the Balistix Pro Stuck Case Remover?

The Balistix Pro Stuck Case Remover was developed to address a few common issues, concerns and limitations that most reloaders have experienced with other similar products on the market, namely:

    1. Affordable, since one Pro Stuck Case Remover accommodates many case diameters.
    2. No compromise on built quality.
    3. Solid durable all stainless steel material.
    4. Ease of use and setup, since the required drill and tap is included in the kit.
    5. Very compact – ease of storage
    6. If used correctly the Pro Stuck Case Remover will extract the case from the die without any damage to the reloading die.
    7. Made in South Africa.


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